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System Integration & Expansion Your business evolved

Sometimes it is not as simple as creating a software solution from scratch. Existing systems may be vital to business operations. There are many situations which mean starting with a brand new system is not an option or will cost more time and money than it is seemingly worth.

That doesn’t have to be the end of it. We are specialists in system integration and expansion. Whether you wish to extend the functionality of the system, give it a visual overhaul or expand it to work on different platforms such a mobile devices.

The techie bit

XML Exchange

By utilising the very latest technologies such as XML and SOAP web services to provide reliable, real-time solutions, we can interface with, and expand on, your existing systems.

The data from your old system is translated in real time into a universal XML format that other systems can understand. Conversely, other systems will provide XML data back your system which, with a bit of translation, can be imported back in.