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The Prism Framework Springboard to success

The Prism framework provides a basis which can form your web application solutions. It contains the underlying bed in which your software will sit. It provides large amount of functionality which does not need to be reproduced in your project saving you time and money.

Any application can go into this framework and multiple applications can be placed inside of it. This means you can constantly be expanding your system into an array of applications. All with on central point of access, all fully integrated with each other.

Utilising the latest technology advance in and Ajax, the framework provides a flexible, modern platform for web applications.

Clean, tested interface

The Prism Framework in action

A standard interface operates throughout all of the Prism Framework application, meaning consistency and recognition is felt as you move from application to application. This interface has been tested and proven to be user friendly and easy to use within many corporate environments.

Prominent error correction

Effective error validation

The system will notify of missing or incorrect information prominently to minimise input mistakes.

Constant feedback

The framework provides you with frequent indicators so you know that you work is correct and saved. Using the latest in Ajax technology the applications are post free and offer the user instant feedback on their input, just like traditional desktop applications would provide.


No need to keep pressing the save button all the time. Once you change a field on a form, it is saved automatically reducing time and repetition.


The framework can be fully customised to both company and user requirements.

Collapsible panels

Flexible content layout protects complex screens against clutter.

Tabbed sectioning

Content is arranged in a logical ever expandable way allowing system to grow as large as you need without compromising layout, design or looking complicated.

multi browser


Applications developed in the framework are kept up to date to support all of the latest web browsers so it is ready for including Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Opera and Chrome.

Server driven

The framework sits on a server and communicates with clients via their web browser. This means there are no requirements or installations necessary on the client machines.



Built using best Microsoft security practices, the prism framework is intruder free. The framework can run over an encrypted SSL connection to keep out prying eyes. Detailed role based access is included to ensure staff only see and edit, information they are entitled to.

Closed and global access

The framework can be run in a closed environment within the bounds of your company network, or you can run it on the internet allowing your employees and others to access it from anywhere in the world.

Integrated Charting and Reporting

progres bar

Built right into the framework is the ability to chart and report on your data ensuring you and your employees are always informed and up to date

Multi language

Prism applications support multiple language implementations. And for demo purposes can integrate over 50 languages by using online translation services.

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