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How we do it We put you in control

Software creation can be a complicated process if not done correctly. We know from experience that the key to a successful software project is communication, flexibility and good analysis.

That is why we adopt the agile approach to developing your software. It means the flexibility to adapt when things change. It means you are constantly involved in its progress.

It starts off with a meeting where we learn everything about you, your business and how it works. We analyse and ask questions about the project until a clear picture materialises and is agreed in the heads of all concerned as to what is to be achieved.

We take the solution and break it down into much smaller processes and deliver these to you as they are developed. This means you are constantly in the loop of your software as it progresses. We accept that circumstances change and new issues arise, and let the project evolve and grow to react to these changes.


This approach is unusual. Many companies will bind you to the specification, meaning once the specification is defined, that’s it. No deviation, even when circumstances change. We allow changes to be made as necessary because it leads to a rounded solution that solves the problem just as you envisioned it.

We favour this method as it keeps everyone together, avoids surprises and ensures a high quality software solution is produced that meets, often exceeds, your expectations.

Not only is Prism Technology with you every step of the way during the project but aim to form a close business relationship offering advice, support and guidance whenever you need it.

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The techie bit

By utilising the latest development tools you can be sure that you are receiving high quality, secure, scalable solutions that will help your business to grow.

We develop using the latest Microsoft technologies including ASP.NET and MVC for web based applications and WPF technology for form based. If appropriate, we will often couple it with Microsoft SQL server for a robust, stable, database solution.

Our software is developed using a 100% object oriented methodology meaning it can easily be extended and modified with minimum costs to your business and it can be developed to an enterprise level whilst remaining both stable and reliable.

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