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Bespoke & Custom Software Your solution

We can provide you with a high quality, custom software solutions at a much lower cost than you might expect. Our experience and Prism Framework technology can greatly reduce the time and costs that would normally be needed for such projects.

‘Off the shelf’ products suffer from a number of problems that only bespoke software can solve.

The generic nature of ‘off the shelf’ software means that it unlikely to be able to match seamlessly with the way your business works and will be missing vital features which could aid your business significantly. Having bespoke software developed eliminates all such issues and provides many other benefits such as having your solution branded to your business and giving you the opportunity to take the software itself to market.

Whether your software is for business efficiency or a product you wish to sell, we can make it a reality through forming a close relationship with your business throughout the project and long after it.

Internal business applications

A software solution developed correctly can help to automate and streamline your business processes saving huge amounts of time and money.

Because the solution is developed for you, and only you, it can give you a massive advantage over your competition in the marketplace as you have identified inefficiency in your industry that your business can overcome and exploit, leaving it to focus on increasing its success.

Internal intranets and management systems built using our Prism Framework can help to unite all of your data into one place to manage employees, finances, health and safety, product management and just about anything else you can think of from centralized note recording through to interactive touch screen time management. All reached from one single place, all interlinked, automated and most importantly, accurate.

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Products to sell

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Have a great idea for a software application? We can help you to make it a reality. Our approach to understanding your idea will result in a robust, flexible and scalable application that will stand out in the market. Any software we develop for you is fully yours to sell on as you wish.

We can also help in providing you with analysis, branding and marketing ideas that will make the project a success.

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Mobile applications

In this ever evolving world, mobile and handheld devices have become pivotal to many people’s lives. Who would have thought 10 years ago, that we could do virtually everything on touch screen handheld devices? Prism Technology software has the ability to automatically expand to work on these devices, meaning your software solution has the potential to reach all sections of the digital market.

Handheld software also opens up options to have your workforce still centralised whilst mobile. Live digital stock checking? Incident reporting with photos, videos and witness accounts all feeding straight back into your central system? The potential is endless.

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iPhone & iPad development

iPhone image

The iPhone is truly a phenomenon. The incredible uptake has made it one of the products of the decade. It also means the potential in the market is huge.

Prism technology has experienced iPhone & iPad developers who can produce both iPhone optimised web content and iPhone applications. Whether you are looking to expand your existing services over to the iPhone or have an idea from something brand new. Be sure to get in touch.

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